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Our Services – Eavestroughs, also called gutters

Eavestroughs are a vital component to the outside of your home. The function of eavestrough is to collect water (from the roof) and move it efficiently to the downspouts , away from your home. This process manages the flow of water from the roof to the ground, properly. This is an important function for every home and it is important to make sure that eavestrough installation is done effectively.

How do I know it’s time to get an eavestrough installation?

Signs that you should be aware of are collections of water in areas of your gutters, rust in the edges near bolts and water that is flowing back in your gutters during heavy rainstorms. These signs may suggest that your home requires an eavestrough installation.

Gutter installation should be left to a trained professional that understands the importance of proper water flow from your roof to the ground and everything in between.

Call the eavestrough professionals at Ottawa Home Exteriors for new gutters or emergency repairs.

Roofing and Eavestrough Combination

Are you looking for a company with experience in roofing and eavestrough? If you prefer to deal with only one company for your roofing and eavestrough project then your search is over! Ottawa Home Exteriors specializes in matching up the colour coordination of your roof and eavestrough products. When combined with top notch products and a quality installation job – your satisfaction is guaranteed.