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Questions you may have about eavestroughs/gutters

Q. Will the installation of eavestroughs or leaf guards affect a roof warranty?

A. Generally, installing eavestroughs/gutters or leaf-guards does not affect the warranty on your roof. Often your roof warranty may require that eavestroughs be in place especially if there is one roof draining above a lower roof. An example of this would be on a back split or multi-level home.

Q. Do most companies offer warranties for the eavestroughs they install?

A. Most reputable companies do offer warranties and will stand behind their work. The warranty should cover the company’s workmanship and materials installation for a specific number of years. The manufacturer will also have their own warranty on the product.

Q. How often should a homeowner get their eavestroughs cleaned if they don’t have leaf guards? And if they do have leaf guards, should they get them cleaned periodically anyway?

A. A homeowner should have their eavestroughs cleaned twice a year. Spring and Fall are the best time to do so to clear the debris. If you have leaf-guards in place then you would usually only have to get them cleaned if there are signs of water overflowing. That means there is an issue. If you have a reliable leaf-guard then this should not be an issue. A reputable leaf-guard company should have a no-clog guarantee.

Q. Do you really provide free, no-obligation estimates?

A. Absolutely – we value each of our potential customers, and it is no inconvenience whatsoever to come have a look at your siding project. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a complimentary estimate for the work that you might require. Our experienced estimators will come out and evaluate your situation and provide an honest assessment including what OHE would recommend.