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Questions you may have about soffit & fascia

Q. What is a soffit?

A. The soffit is what forms the flat area under the eaves, bridging the gap between the exterior wall and the roof line.

Q. Why is soffit important to a homeowner?

A. Soffit lends a crisp, clean appearance to the eaves and rooflines, but did you know it also helps to keep your home structurally strong? A properly installed soffit system provides essential ventilation for the roof structure, keeping attics cool and dry thus avoiding moisture that can cause rotting and decay.

Q. What about soffit in older homes?

A. Older homes typically have a solid wood soffit with little or no ventilation which leads to a poorly ventilated attic. This can cause ice damming and condensation in the winter, an overheated living space in the summer and can shorten the overall life of all your roofing materials.

Q. What is a fascia?

A. The fascia is the wood that runs along the roof line and, in many cases the eavestrough are attached to it. Fascia protects your home from water damage and rot. Properly installed fascia can keep your home looking new and save you from costly roof repairs. That’s why professional installation is highly recommended.

Q. What is an ice dam?

A. In the winter if the attic is not properly ventilated, the warm air in the house will rise into the attic and heat up the attic. If there is snow on the roof it will melt and flow down to the eaves edge where it’s not heated. The melted snow will freeze and form an ice dam. As more water flows into the blocked eaves it will back up under the shingles causing leaks, condensation and mold.

Q. Do we need to be at home while the work is being done?

A. It is not necessary while the work is being performed. It is a good idea to be there the day work begins or to be reachable by phone if there are any questions that need to be addressed.

Q. Do you really provide free, no-obligation estimates?

A. Absolutely – we value each of our potential customers, and it is no inconvenience whatsoever to come have a look at your siding project. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a complimentary estimate for the work that you might require. Our experienced estimators will come out and evaluate your situation and provide an honest assessment including what OHE would recommend.

Q. Do you clean-up around our home once you’ve finished?

A. OHE will rake and sweep all debris from around the house (sidewalks, driveways, etc.). Then we’ll use nail magnets to find and pick up all nails. Lastly, we’ll perform a final inspection of your new siding and your grounds to assure your complete satisfaction.

Q. Do you carry workers’ compensation insurance or liability insurance?

A. OHE is fully insured for both workers’ compensation and general liability coverage. What this means to you is that you will never be responsible for any liability for claims in the event of an accident on your project. We will be happy to provide certificates of insurance for you.